Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Our 2013-18 Corporate Social Responsibility Report reflects our desire to leverage our innovative technology to address the big issues in society.

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Richard Liu Chairman and CEO,

As our company continues its journey, we are particularly grateful to each of our partners. With their participation, we have even more reason to be excited and optimistic about the future. Working together, we can play our part in helping the world become more open, inclusive and sustainable.

From humble beginnings to global success, Richard has donated millions toward grants and scholarships for students that need them most.

Read Richard’s personal story here


Striving to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Our enduring and multifaceted commitment to fostering sustainable development and sustainable consumption, is aiming to bring about real change in society.


Thinking outside the box to make the world a better place.

Leveraging our world-leading self-operated e-commerce network, we are using our technology and know-how to make a positive difference.


Working to improve the livelihoods of all people.

By providing more opportunities to empower more people, we are helping to create better lives for those in China’s poorest counties.

Corporate Governance

Incorporating fairness, equality and inclusiveness.

As a company that trades in trust and authenticity, we are creating an open and inclusive environment for our employees.

JD Foundation

Established in September 2014 as an affiliate of JD, JD Foundation is committed to integrating social resources for social good, with focuses on poverty alleviation, disaster relief, education, environmental protection and social innovation.

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